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Update: American Idol “Pop Diva Drama” continues…


ImageThough the attempts of the shows producers to try and quickly downplay the situation by claiming this season they have acquired & invested in the best judges, they released a statement to “Access Hollywood” saying, “Despite all the accusations and media speculation– much of which is inaccurate– the production is going extremely well today, and judges are focused on finding the best talent here in Baton Rouge.” –End statement.

Drama continues to spiral out of control as Mariah Carey had an interview on “The View” with Barbara Walters regarding the incident stating, “Carey also said that  although Nicki still hasn’t apologized, but have “expressed love for her”, she’s hired extra security for her (Carey) protection.

An infuriated Nicki Minaj shot back at Mariah via a barrage of tweets, writing, “I don’t call TMZ n Barbara Walters cuz I stand on my own two feet. Never needed an army. God is good. Insecurity is as cruel as the grave.”– “I guess it hurts 2 have the producers tell u to ur face that Nicki is the best judge we’ve had since Simon. Awww, poor u. Keep them lies cmn”.–  “Tried to keep quiet but let’s go!!!… I thought we resolved it yesterday but I see u want ur pity party to continue, so I’m bout to po dot tea.” –end quote.

Some people in Hollywood, CA (i.e Steven Tyler & Cee Lo Green), are saying that the fight was staged just to boost the shows ratings, but the leaked video footage was not recorded by that of the studio nor production staff, but by an individual using their personal cell phone.

So whether the fight was staged to boost ratings or not, let’s just hope that no one looses their life behind it.

–The Diva Spot

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Goodbye Karrueche. Hello Rihanna…AGAIN!!!

ImageSeems that Chris Brown is caught dead smack in the middle of his own “Love triangle”. Today he openly admitted via video (just 2 hours after Rihanna tweeted, “Ain’t nobody bidness….but mines and my baby” ), that he is in love with Rihanna again, and his recently ex-girlfriend Karrueche. While Karrueche has been naively sitting around waiting for her lover boy (Brown) to come home her, he was busy frolicking around various NYC hotspots with Rihanna. Photo’s of them were taken everywhere from Jay-Z’s concert, nightclubsImage, and seen leaving her hotel. After he had crept/slept with Rihanna on Monday night, he sent Karrueche a teddy bear, roses, and chocolates. Hmmm!!!! Karrueche later sent a subliminal tweet saying, “Bye baby”. Although Chris released a new video today explaining himself, it really doesn’t seem like he’s sorry at all. He’s only sorry that he’s been caughtImage. No matter what the case is, he’s only partly to blame. Rihanna was very well aware the relationship between Brown & Tran (Karrueche), and she’s been plotting to get her whorish claws back on him ever since. SMH shameful Miss RiRi!!!

Planking: Is it just a game…Or is there some correlation to slavery?

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Planking: Is it just a game…Or is there some correlation to slavery?

There’s a new sensation referred to as the fine art of planking, where people mimic a wooden plank, are photographed stacked on top of one another face down with stiffened arms and legs in unusual public places, has already swept out of Australia and has been around for years, but it is now taking the nation by storm.  What is this silly craze and where did it actually originate from? I don’t know, but you can most certainly find pictures on the internet from random plankers to celebrity plankers including  Amber Rose, Andre “Big Boi Patton, Slim Thug, Bun B, Evelyn Lozada & Tami Roman (Basketball Wives), Joe Budden, Dwight Howard, Lil Duval, Gilbert Arenas, and more, taking part in this trend. After doing some deep digging, reportedly the term planking or tight packing, dates back to slavery, where Africans were piled on top of one another in slave ships to save space. Slaves were packed into the ship’s wooden plank beds faced down, hands chained to their waist or chained with ankles to wrist, with very little room to move. While this method allowed the ship to transport more slaves during the slave trade, generating higher profit, it restricted slaves from the ability to properly breathe, use the bathroom, rest, eat, etc., resulting in dehydration, disease, and death! To give you a better picture of what that looks like, here’s a photo:

More recently, Planking has already caused the death of one person, and is stirring an outrage with the police due to people planking on police vehicles. Now whether PLANKING is harmless fun, or a racial soft spot, I haven’t decided yet, but the issue definitely hits a little close to home for most people.



Rihanna takes the spotlight from Gaga…On Facebook that is!

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Lady Gaga performing "Paparazzi" on ...

Image via Wikipedia

Rihanna has toppled Lady Gaga as the most popular woman on Facebook.

Gaga began the year as the top living person on the social networking website – with only the late Michael Jackson garnering more ‘likes’ from fans around the world.

Eminem surpassed Gaga’s feat in February and, by March, he had stolen the crown from the King of Pop too – with more than 30 million votes.

Now Gaga has taken another knock to her ego – Rihanna has replaced her as the most-liked female star on the site, racking up more than 40.5 million ‘likes’ – a far cry from the 5,000 she had last summer.

However, Gaga shouldn’t be too upset – she still rules over Twitter with over 11.6 million followers.
**As Reported by KMEL

Social Networking sites…The NEW “Internet Dating Scene”?

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Social Networking sites…The NEW “Internet Dating Scene”?

Have I recently missed the memo on the new internet dating sensation, or is it just that Twitter, Facebook, Redbook, Blackpeople Meet, eHarmony, Craigslist, etc., all seemed to have reached higher heights on the dating plateau? Within the recent months, Nowadays people don’t feel the need to leave their homes, because the next “cyber fling” is only 1 click away. Social networking sites have made internet dating way too convenient for even the most shy, timid, who surf the internet, to become lackadaisical & anti-social. What happened to the good old-fashioned days where boy meets girl, take her on a date, girl falls for guy, & the rest is history? Anybody can become whomever they choose to be, when hiding behind a computer screen. Predators can become prey, the guy-next-door is a serial killer, prostitutes become Top Models, and the scumbag’s are movie producers! Statistics show that over 6,930,055,154 people are in the world (population est. 2011), and 2,095,006,005 are internet users (up 480.4% since 2000). The point is, at the rate of these SNS forming everyday, will it create an atmosphere where one won’t find the need to coexist in the “real world” because it would become completely obsolete, an replaced with a cyber world?

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