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Dry, brittle, thirsty hair?

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Sometimes women suffer from dry, frizzy, brittle, hair due to over processing of chemicals i.e. bleaching (highlights), perms, relaxers (chemical straighteners). Also from too much heat like flat irons & ceramics, blow drying, and sometimes even over exposure from the sun. With all of those things going on, it’s a recipe for a hair-tastrophe! No need to worry, the hair Diva is here to save the day.  Here are just a few quick tips to revive those dehydrated tresses:

Since  a lot of the times, your hair is just in need of some moisture & a little TLC, once a week you should deep condition your hair (no just applying conditioner does not count). Deep conditioners/serums are specially formulated to deeply penetrate your hair follicles to give extra minerals, vitamins, oils, or Humectants that are not present in regular conditioners, as well as to moisturize & strengthen your hair. This is simply done with your conditioning treatment of choice (listed below), a plastic processing cap (or shower cap), and 15 minutes underneath a hair dryer.

1). After shampooing your hair with your favorite shampoo (omit the regular conditioner for this treatment), slightly towel blot your hair dry. Pre-heat hair dryer & set timer for 20 mins (it will take 5 mins to prep hair).

2). Apply a generous amount of deep conditioning cream to your whole head (from roots to ends), and gently massage until hair is saturated.

3). Place plastic cap on your head (make sure hair is completely covered), and sit under the dryer for approx. 15 mins.

4). After 15 mins, it is now time to rinse out the deep conditioner.

5). Once you have completely rinsed your hair out, it can be dried & styled as usual.

You will immediately be able to tell the difference in your newly deep conditioned hair. It will feel soft & luxurious, with plenty of bounce & shine =).

Hope these tips help you on your journey back to healthy hair.

**A list of the types of Deep Conditioning treatments you can use:

Nexxus Conditioner Humectress Hydrating Treatment Deep Conditioner, BioInfusion Olive Oil Deep ConditioningTreatment, Kenra Nourishing Masque, Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol, Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner, Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment, V05 Hot Oil Shower Works, Pantene Curly Hair Deep Moisturizing Treatment, Samy Deep Conditioning treatment, Macadamia Oil Conditioner Deep Repair Mask, Luster’s Cholesterol treatment, Ouidad 12 minute Deep Treatment Intensive Repair, Aussie 3 minute Deep Conditioner, BioSilk Therapy Serum.

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