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Is He Really That Into You?

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Is He Really That Into You?

Ever wonder what his real thoughts about you are? Think he feels the same way that you do about him? Are you aware of the telltale signs that lets you know if your guy is REALLY into you?

If not, here are a few quick questions to ask yourself to find out if your guy is really digging you…or not:

1). Do you talk to him on the phone often? Honestly, guys aren’t really phone hogs (or for lack of better words, chatter boxes) like women are. They’d rather text & maybe an occasional call here and there, but if he’s really into you, he’ll actually enjoy engaging in phone conversations with you (especially if he’s on the phone for more than 30 mins).

2). Does he want to be seen in public with you? Meaning, is he avoiding going on dates with you? Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how nice or sweet a guy may seem, every guy wants a nice looking woman on his arm that he can show off, and be proud that others are gawking at her, knowing that she’s with “him”. Maybe the two of you do “go out”, but it’s only night-time (like in wee hours in the morning i.e. 1, 2, 3 in the a.m. to the 24 hr burger joint). Reasoning for this being, is because he’s afraid of what other’s may think of him with a “less attractive” looking woman. If this is your case, then chances are; he’s not that into you.

3). Have you met any of his friends, family, coworkers, ex’s? I mean do they even know about you? When a man introduces you to anyone that is close to him, it says a lot. It means that he holds you in high regards, because generally, men are protective & private when it comes their friends and family. So it’s possible that there’s more to your relationship.

4). Ok so here’s the big one… Does your guy stay after sex, or do he hop right outta bed for a quick washing of his male counterparts, then give you a million & 1 excuses about why he can’t stay the night, not to even cuddle for a bit?  It could be possible that he really does have “something” important to tend to at 2:30 in the am lol, but my bets are, that he doesn’t (seeing as to how he makes it a frequent routine).

5). Are you his “friend” on any of his social networking profiles? Do I really need to go into detail if the answer was NO to this question?!? You may feel that it’s really not a lot to go off of, but it says enough to let you know that he’d be more careful of his activity if you were his friend.

6). This goes together with question #1. Does your boo text you 99.99% of the time? Seriously!?! No one is that busy to where they can’t take time out of their schedule at some point & time to give you a call. If you’ve talked to this guy for more than a few weeks and haven’t heard his voice, then big chances are…He has an agenda & you are not a priority on that list!

7). Do you know where he live? You’ve been dating for how long, and you’ve never been to his place of residency? Either he’s A). Being extra cautious just incase you happen to be a psycho stalker post break-up, B). He’s embarrassed of his current living conditions, or C). He’s totally hiding something. I’d keep an eye out for that one.

8). Does he divulge into his past any at all? Is he pretty much evasive when you ask him questions about his past girlfriends, childhood, sexual experiences, etc.? Typically if a guy is not that into you, nor if he doesn’t see himself going far with you at all, then he won’t feel the need to open up to you about his life.

9). Is he spending any of his money on you? Does he offer to pay the tab? Trust me when I say this; if a man is NOT into you, there’s no way in H E double L, that he’s going to spend one red cent on you (not even if it was a borrowed red cent). “Why waste money on a cheap thrill?” are his thoughts…not mines.

10). Does your guy see a future with you, or does the very thought of a commitment makes his skin crawl? One thing is for sure, if he’s really not into you, then there is no point in him even thinking of committing himself to you…POINT BLANK!!! It’s not up for discussion, debate, nor questioning. However, if he’s feeling you, and can see himself with you, then he wouldn’t have a problem talking about it.

11). He likes you just the way you are? Au-natural, no make-up, hair extensions of any sort? If so, then he’s a keeper.

12). Is your guy self-less? He’s all about you, what you want to do, and into pleasing you, all the while putting your needs & feelings before his very own? Then honey, he is totally into you.

13). Is he willing to make an ass out of himself? Normally that’s not something any man enjoys doing (since they’re all macho and stuff), but occasionally if situation calls for it like accompanying you to a yoga class, going to the movies to watch a chick flick, or any other type of overly chick-ish activities, then you know he’s not just doing it for his health. He’s into you.

14). He respects you, and treats you like a LADY at all times!!! No exceptions! He’s going for the gold.

Hey, I couldn’t make this stuff up if tried to. I’ve been told that I’m good & should write a book. I laugh and simply tell people that I am no Love Doctor, but with a combination of past experiences along with the ability to study & observe the behavior of the opposite sex, I’m experienced enough to know the things that I should be watching out for, and what signs/cues to  zero in on. I pay attention to typical patterns, expressions, body language, their responsiveness to when being asked certain types of questions, eye contact, and many other factors that are easy analyze. Plus, I’m very in-tuned with my intuition. When something doesn’t feel right, I trust what my gut instincts tell me, and when something feels great, I go full throttle. **Disclaimer — These are solely my thoughts & opinions based on personal experiences. This is not meant to be a relationship “How-to” guide, nor a dating manual, but a tool to help you understand your place in your relationship.**

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