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The DO’s & DON’Ts of the fashion world. Be careful not to become what is known as the “Fashion Offender” who commits crimes of Fashion, be the FP (fashion police) are waiting to pass out tickets.

Tan Gone Wrong!!!



Guess he decided that he only had time for “Half-a-tan”. He get’s 5 FV tickets, and an all expense paid trip to Hollywood tan to finish tanning the bottom half of his body.

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Star Spangled Buttocks

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She reaches for the sky so she’ll have the stars to fall on…LITERALLY


The Diva Spot issues 3 FV Tickets & a recommendation for tattoo laser removal services.

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Ghetto Version of Sesame Street’s “Big Bird” Award goes to…

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The Diva Spot issues her 10 FV (fashion violation) Tickets, and a trip to the Fashion Institute for 200 hours of community service.

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