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Goodbye Karrueche. Hello Rihanna…AGAIN!!!

ImageSeems that Chris Brown is caught dead smack in the middle of his own “Love triangle”. Today he openly admitted via video (just 2 hours after Rihanna tweeted, “Ain’t nobody bidness….but mines and my baby” ), that he is in love with Rihanna again, and his recently ex-girlfriend Karrueche. While Karrueche has been naively sitting around waiting for her lover boy (Brown) to come home her, he was busy frolicking around various NYC hotspots with Rihanna. Photo’s of them were taken everywhere from Jay-Z’s concert, nightclubsImage, and seen leaving her hotel. After he had crept/slept with Rihanna on Monday night, he sent Karrueche a teddy bear, roses, and chocolates. Hmmm!!!! Karrueche later sent a subliminal tweet saying, “Bye baby”. Although Chris released a new video today explaining himself, it really doesn’t seem like he’s sorry at all. He’s only sorry that he’s been caughtImage. No matter what the case is, he’s only partly to blame. Rihanna was very well aware the relationship between Brown & Tran (Karrueche), and she’s been plotting to get her whorish claws back on him ever since. SMH shameful Miss RiRi!!!


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