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Create a new law that will make the world a more fun place.

Create a new law that will make the world a more fun place.

Seems like we all at one point or another have said, “If only I could change this _______________________<–(your answer here), the world would be a better place to be.” Well imagine that you were given a hand at law-making with the opportunity to create only one (1) law that you think would make a difference in the world. What would it be & why? 


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  1. My answer is going to be super biased, but it would be awesome if higher education was free (law school, medical school, etc.). I think it’s terrible that some people’s options are limited because they can’t afford the test fees, apps fees, and tuition fees.

    What’s yours?

    • I agree@ Legal Rabbit. I believe that a lot of the violence & poverty in the world is due to lack of options & opportunities available to people, and as a result, the turn to violence and adopt criminal like behaviorism’s for solace. There are so many talented people whose gifts go to waste because they couldn’t afford to better themselves.

      As for my law that I would create?!? Hmmm I don’t know yet. They are so many things I would want to change lol.


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