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Planking: Is it just a game…Or is there some correlation to slavery?

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Planking: Is it just a game…Or is there some correlation to slavery?

There’s a new sensation referred to as the fine art of planking, where people mimic a wooden plank, are photographed stacked on top of one another face down with stiffened arms and legs in unusual public places, has already swept out of Australia and has been around for years, but it is now taking the nation by storm.  What is this silly craze and where did it actually originate from? I don’t know, but you can most certainly find pictures on the internet from random plankers to celebrity plankers including  Amber Rose, Andre “Big Boi Patton, Slim Thug, Bun B, Evelyn Lozada & Tami Roman (Basketball Wives), Joe Budden, Dwight Howard, Lil Duval, Gilbert Arenas, and more, taking part in this trend. After doing some deep digging, reportedly the term planking or tight packing, dates back to slavery, where Africans were piled on top of one another in slave ships to save space. Slaves were packed into the ship’s wooden plank beds faced down, hands chained to their waist or chained with ankles to wrist, with very little room to move. While this method allowed the ship to transport more slaves during the slave trade, generating higher profit, it restricted slaves from the ability to properly breathe, use the bathroom, rest, eat, etc., resulting in dehydration, disease, and death! To give you a better picture of what that looks like, here’s a photo:

More recently, Planking has already caused the death of one person, and is stirring an outrage with the police due to people planking on police vehicles. Now whether PLANKING is harmless fun, or a racial soft spot, I haven’t decided yet, but the issue definitely hits a little close to home for most people.




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